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5 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Webmasters

February 12, 2013

google-chromeGoogle Chrome is by far and away my personal favorite web browser, and the primary reason is because their are so many cool extensions! Whether you need to check for broken links, check out the redirect path of a URL, do a quick search engine ranking check, or even access your website’s database via FTP, Google Chrome has an extension to help you do it efficiently  Below I have listed my top 5 favorite Chrome extensions, a description of the extension and what it’s good for, and a link to the download page.

1. Check My Links

This extension is awesome, as it allows you to quickly check any page of any website for broken or unresponsive links. The one thing it is lacking is export functionality, but for quick link checks, this tool is a must.

2. FTP Client

I discovered this one when I needed to update a file on a client’s site via my Chrome Book and was unable to download Dreamweaver or FileZilla. You won’t want to use this one for anything big, but for quick updates, it’s really quite convenient.

3. Redirect Path

This one is especially useful if you’re doing optimization work, as you can quickly check the redirect path (301, 302) for a given URL.

4. ToDo List

I love this extension as it allows me to organize my day without having to take my eyes off of my monitor. For bigger, more complex projects I rely on far more powerful time management software, but for small daily tasks, this extension is teriffic.

5. bitly

If you’re a Tweeter like me, you’ll love this one. This extension allows you to have the shortened URL for a given webpage automatically copied to your clipboard with the click of a button. Great for quick Tweets of great content.

Am I missing a good one? Please tell us your favorite Chrome extensions in the comments below!

Written by Matt Green from the marketing team at Slate Tech, which provides IT solutions and services in Denver, CO


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