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3 Ways to Maximize Productivity by Spending Less Time on Email

January 22, 2013


We all know that email can truly be a time suck, and a productivity killer. However, whether you are client side or agency side, emailing is necessary; it’s how we communicate. There are however smalls changes you can make to stay out of your inbox and focused on the tasks at hand. When we are able to do this, we can be more productive, and when we are more productive, everyone wins; our clients, our bosses, and ourselves. Below are 3 dead simple things you can do, starting today, to spend less time in your inbox and more time getting things done.

1. Unsubscribe from emails you constantly delete

This may seem obvious, but it’s crazy how few people actually take action. Your inbox fills up with a bunch of crap that you never read. So, take 10 minutes and go through and find who is sending the emails that you spend time deleting  and unsubscribe from the emails. There is almost always a link in said emails that says something like “Unsubscribe”. Performing this small 10 minute task will save you loads of time in the long run.

2. Set a checking schedule and stick to it

When your inbox is constantly open, you will be distracted by incoming mail, and those distractions can really add up and kill your productivity. Try this; get your inbox to zero in the morning, and then close your inbox. Check it every couple of hours to ensure that there are no urgent messages. If nothing urgent comes in, address all messages received after the morning the next day.

3. Begin a new email string for each topic

This may sound obvious, but a lot of time can be wasted searching through archived emails for specific information or messages to respond to. Instead, every time a new topic is being discussed, begin a new email string with that topic in the subject line. This will save you considerable time and effort.

Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by the marketing team at Slate Tech, an IT support firm based in Denver


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